Dr. Sofia Deloudi

Sofia Deloudi

Dr. Sofia Deloudi



since 09/2009 Lecturer, ETH Zürich
since 10/2011 Senior Scientist, Laboratory of Crystallography, ETH Zürich
01/2009 - 09/2011 Post-Doctoral Scientist, Laboratory of Crystallography, ETH Zürich


2004 - 2008 Doctoral thesis "Modeling of quasiperiodic systems" at the Laboratory of Crystallography, ETHZ under the supervision of Prof. W. Steurer, ETH Medal for outstanding PhD
2003 - 2004 Scienti?c project "Parity violation in chiral molecules", Laboratory of Physical Chemistry, ETHZ
1998 - 2003 Interdisciplinary natural sciences studies (Dipl. Natw. ETH Zürich)

Research Interests

Quasicrystals and Quasiperiodic Tilings
Higher Dimensional Modeling of Quasiperiodic Systems
Numerical Simulation and Mathematical Modeling
Phononic and Photonic Crystals
Computational Materials Science


Crystallography of Quasicrystals Concepts, Methods and Structures (Springer Series in Materials Science), Vol. 126, W. Steurer, S. Deloudi (2009), 384 p., 177 illus., Hardcover ISBN: 978-3-642-01898-5

Feature Article

Fascinating quasicrystals, W. Steurer, S. Deloudi, ACTA CRYSTALLOGRAPHICA (Foundations of Crystallography) A64, 1-11 (2007) pdf

Selected Publications

Colloidal quasicrystals with 12-fold and 18-fold diffraction symmetry, S. Fischer, A. Exner, K. Zielske, S. Förster, Jan Perlich, S. Deloudi, W. Steurer, P. Lindner & S. Förster, PROCEEDINGS OF THE NATIONAL ACADEMY OF SCIENCES, DOI: 10.1073/pnas.1008695108 (2011) pdf

Unifying cluster-based structure models of decagonal Al-Co-Ni, Al-Co-Cu and Al-Fe-Ni, S. Deloudi, F. Fleischer, W. Steurer, ACTA CRYSTALLOGRAPHICA (Structural Science) B67, 1-17 (2011) pdf

Reciprocal-space imaging of a real quasicrystal. A feasibility study with PILATUS 6M, T. Weber, S. Deloudi, M. Kobas, et al. JOURNAL OF APPLIED CRYSTALLOGRAPHY 41, 669-674 (2008) pdf

Bulk and surface structure of the clean and adsorbate-covered decagonal Al-Co-Ni quasicrystal, S. Burkardt, S. Deloudi, M. Erbudak, et al. JOURNAL OF PHYSICS-CONDENSED MATTER 20, 31, 314006 (2008) pdf

Systematic cluster-based modelling of the phases in the stability region of decagonal Al-Co-Ni, S. Deloudi, W. Steurer, PHILOSOPHICAL MAGAZINE 87, 18-21, 2727-2732 (2007) pdf

Prediction of Bragg-scattering-induced band gaps in phononic quasicrystals, D. Sutter-Widmer, S. Deloudi, W. Steurer, PHYSICAL REVIEW B75, 9, 094304 (2007) pdf



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